Founder Sankajit Guha


Mr. Sankajit Guha founded the Indo-German Dancing School Nataraj in 1974. He studied classical Indian dance at the College of Music in Hyderabad, taught by the well-known teachers Ramkrishna Shukla and T.K. Narajan. He came to Germany because of the cultural exchange between India and Germany and together with Delhi's Natya Ballet Centre he founded the Indo-German Dancing School. He taught Kathak and folk dance. 

Mr. Guha has a great impact on international understanding which has been honoured many times. His wife Monika Guha is one of the persons with helping hands for the dancing school. All members of Dancing School Nataraj share the wish to let grow tolerance and interest between the nations. 

In 2009, our dancing school celebrated its 35th anniversary. A lot of reputable people worked together with 'Nataraj' and we also say 'Thank you!' to our audience.

Meanwhile Mr. Guha has assigned direction to Mrs. Shakti Ahuja. He is still active concerning art direction.

Tabla player Mario Molle

Teachers and musicians

We have a solid ensemble from past to present. Even some of those people who don't dance anymore are still active members. Also to mention: our Indian guests we had during the decades who bring so much of 'Indian spirit' to us.

Our art director Shakti Ahuja wows and teaches us since 2005. She brings us to success with her enthusiasting ideas. And we wouldn't be nothing without our loyal Tabla player and precious critic Mario Molle. Thanks a lot to all of you!